At CMI, we’re proud to be a market leading steel manufacturing company and steel supplier. We’re a family owned company that you can rely on, with a reputation for excellent customer service and quality that we’ve built up over 30 years of operation, and we’re growing! With the opening of our new Bibra Lake site, we’re excited to have an even greater capacity for serving Perth and the wider WA region. We’re one of the few sheet metal companies that can offer you a completely customised solution to fit your specific needs and a complete range of steel building materials, including the Colorbond® and Truecore Steel® range. With us, you’ll have a team of experts there with you every step of the way, from design to delivery.

Some of the products and services we offer include

COLORBOND® Steel: Tested in Australian Conditions

At CMI we can produce a range of products made from Colorbond® steel in Bibra Lake to suit your specific needs. Tried and tested in Australian conditions, and manufactured to meet Australian design standards, Colorbond® steel is perfect for use in steel projects.

BlueScope COLORBOND® Steel Colours

bluescope colourbond colours

BlueScope TRUECORE® Steel Framing

CMI can manufacture and supply BlueScope Truecore® steel in Bibra Lake to suit your exact needs. Robust and durable, it’s fast become the preferred choice for home builders in Australia. Truecore® steel is termite and borer proof, fire-proof and pre-fabricated to always be straight.

BlueScope ZINCALUME® Steel For Roofing & Walling

BlueScope ZINCALUME® steel is a popular choice for a diverse range of applications. We have the capability to custom fabricate it to meet your specific roofing and walling needs at Bibra Lake.

STAAC WALL® Cladding

STAAC WALL® Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a patented, contemporary, reinforced, light-weight, concrete cladding panel that has revolutionised the residential building market. It’s the new alternative to brick, allowing for not only an efficient build but providing long-term cost and environmental efficiencies for your household.

Our Supplies & Services:

Roofing Supplies

We supply and manufacture a range of roofing products at Bibra Lake. Our steel roofing supplies are manufactured to all of the relevant Australian standards and suitable for a range of applications.

We supply and manufacture both residential and commercial roofing products. 

Guttering Supplies

At CMI we supply a range of rainwater products made from Colorbond® steel in Bibra Lake. We design all of our products to be highly resistant to water and corrosion, so you can be assured they’ll last for many years to come.

Products we supply include:

Fencing Supplies

We stock a range of fencing supplies at our Bibra Lake facility. Our fencing products are made from quality Colorbond® steel and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your needs. We can custom manufacture everything for quick and easy installation and our products are guaranteed for 10 years.

Products we supply include:


At CMI we stock a wide range of roofing accessories, including: 


At CMI we supply a range of patio products made from quality Colorbond® steel, including patio roofing and wall supplies. Our Bibra Lake site also stocks a range of other patio accessories:

Steel Framing

At CMI we supply and manufacture steel framing engineered from highly durable BlueScope TRUECORE® steel.

Powder Coating

Our Bibra Lake site has access to the latest powder coating equipment for the best and most affordable solutions. Choose from a complete range of colours and finishes and speak to us about our sandblasting services as well.

Custom Fabrication

Our  Bibra Lake team can also work with you on custom fabrication projects. Our expert design and engineering team provide comprehensive design consultations, engineering and custom packaging and delivery options.

Street Furniture

Our Bibra Lake site can also design and manufacture a range of outdoor street furniture, including viewing platforms, walk bridges and walk-way platforms, gazebos, shade shelters, bus shelters, planter boxes and more.

Mining Fabrication

Our Bibra Lake team are experienced in the design and manufacture of a range of mining products suitable for all environments, including cyclonic conditions. We provide a range of pre-fabricated and custom solutions, including:

Our design team can work with you to manufacture the products you require to your exact specifications.

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