WA’s Steel Gate Manufacturers

At Combined Metal Industries, we’re proud to be a market leading steel gate supplier and manufacturer in WA. Our adjustable COLORBOND® steel gates are the perfect complement to our range of fencing products and our skilled team of steel gate fabricators have the capability to custom make them to suit your exact specifications.

All of our gate systems are fully finished with post caps, striker and latches. The complete installation includes custom cut sheets, gate frames, fixing rails and 2 50x50x2400mm posts. We precisely produce all the materials, to ensure that it seamlessly fits together with your fence and looks good for many years to come.

Our services include:

  • Design consultation
  • Engineering
  • Expert manufacturing to agreed specifications
  • Custom packaging & delivery options
  • Delivered in full on time

We’ll always begin with a full design consultation, so that we can be sure we get the details of your job correct and ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Contact us today for recommendations and advice from our friendly team and a comprehensive quote on your project.


  • Manufactured using COLORBOND® steel
  • Durable and designed to suit Australian conditions
  • Made to last, easy to maintain & Install
  • Custom made to your requirements
  • Includes all required accessories

Complete install includes:

  • Custom Cut Sheet
  • Gate Frame
  • Fixing Rails
  • 250 x 50 x 2400mm posts

Why choose COLORBOND® gates and fencing?

Almost every sheet metal gate supplier and manufacturer will tell you that COLORBOND® is one of the best products on the market. COLORBOND® is built to last. Designed with Australia’s wild and unpredictable weather and harsh climate in mind, it’s durable, sturdy design is built to stand the test of time. COLORBOND® gates and fences are a popular choice for homeowners and business-owners alike because they need very little maintenance beyond an occasional wash. Corrosion and rust resistant, they do not have many of the problems that other steel fencing options may face. They also will not warp or attract insects like timber fences. They’re also much more suited to bushfire-prone areas than other fencing types due to their heat and fire resistance. With many colour options available and a modern, sleek look, COLORBOND® gates are an excellent choice for your next project.

COLORBOND® Fencing Colours

Evening Haze®
Pale Eucalypt®
Shale Grey®
Woodland Grey®

How to choose the colours of your new COLORBOND® Fence

Choosing a COLORBOND® fence is the easy bit – however with 14 fencing and gate colours to choose from – choosing your COLORBOND® gate colour can often be tricky. Read our guide below.


Technical Information

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