Rainheads & Sumps

Efficient rainwater collection is not just an environmentally sound proposition; it is also crucial to protecting the very fabric and structure of your property.

Poor or incorrect rainwater collection and dispersion is one of the leading causes in the erosion of building materials, especially where metal is used as a primary construction material. During heavy rain, roofs in particular need to let go of huge amounts of water very quickly and efficiently or by its very nature, the excess water will seek an alternative route. Blocked or damaged rainheads can cause plenty of damage to both the inside and outside of your property before the effects become visible. Once a problem reaches the stage where it is visibly drawn to the owner’s attention it may already have wreaked some very expensive damage.

All of our rainwater products including our quality rainheads are manufactured to very exacting standards. We only utilise the very best available materials and equipment to ensure that everything works well and lasts for years to come.

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  • Rainheads with pop fitted
  • Available in 0.06mm COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME®
  • Tapered rainhead to suit round pop
  • Tapered rainhead to suit square pop
  • Conical rainhead


Tapered Rainhead

Suits round pop and square pop
Tapered rainheads are popular additions to downpipes and guttering installations in both industrial and residential applications because of their strength and resilience. The tapered bottom assists in the natural rotation of the entering water, which in turn, increases the efficiency of the rainhead.

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Conical Rainhead

Conical railheads blend in seamlessly with any building because of their timeless shape. They suit both traditional and modern architecture and both industrial and commercial applications.

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Technical Information

Rainhead Sizes

Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
200 175 200
250 175 200
275 175 200
275 200 225
275 225 225
300 225 225
350 225 250
300 225 250
350 300 225
325 325 250
350 300 300
375 250 275
375 300 300
375 325 325
400 250 300
400 300 300
400 350 300
400 375 325
450 300 300
450 250 375
500 225 225
500 300 300
600 300 300
600 325 350
600 300 375
600 325 375

Pop Table

Square (mm) Round (diameter)
75 x 50 50
95 x 45 65
100 x 50 75
100 x 75 90
100 x 100 100
150 x 100
150 x 150


Despite the long dry spells that typify the Australian weather, we also have our fair share of rain. All of that water has to go somewhere and when it lands on your roof, it needs to be drained away as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sumps play a big part in how effectively this happens.

Even with the most efficient guttering available, there may be times when the flow of water off a roof is so great that the drainage system is unable to effectively disperse it. This is why rainwater sumps are a crucial factor in dealing with the excess build up.

Our quality metal rainwater sumps and rainheads are designed to collect and disperse the rainwater, especially during extreme situations. At such times the sheer volume of water can be more than the drainage pipes are able to deal with. Our well designed sumps and rainheads don’t just catch more of the water flowing from the gutters, they also serve to smooth out the drainage process and regulate the flow.

COLORBOND® Guttering Colours

Contemporary Colours

Evening Haze®
Shale Grey®

Classic Colours

Classic Cream®
Cottage Green®
Deep Ocean®
Manor Red®
Night Sky®
Pale Eucalypt®
Woodland Grey®