Custom Fabrication Service

Here at Combined Metal Industries, we offer a specialised custom fabrication services backed by over 25 years experience in the custom fabricated metals industry.

Our design and production team are specialists in custom metal working and can help with everything from custom steel works and cutting, to aluminium fabrication, welding and much more.

With the very latest range of products and equipment at their disposal at our custom metal shop facilities and full cutting, bending, welding and assembling capabilities, our expert team can tailor a custom-made solution for any project.

Our dedicated team will work with you to find the most cost-effective, affordable solutions for all of your custom sheet metal fabrication needs, quickly and efficiently fulfilling your requirements to the highest possible standard.

With full ISO9000 accreditation and expertise in design, engineering, prototyping, material selection and finishing, we can deliver quality metal fabrication work for everything from single specialty projects through to large-scale productions.

Our service include:

  • Expert manufacturing to agreed specifications
  • Custom packaging & delivery options
  • Delivered in full on time
  • JIT service to match your production requirements

We’ll always begin with a full design consultation, so that we can be sure we get the details of your job correct and ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. From there our skilled experts will work with you to choose the best aluminium or custom stainless steel fabrication products for your project. We offer a range of services to help make your metal fabrication project a reality, including custom packaging and delivery options.

Why custom metal fabrication?

Get exactly what you need – Some parts can’t be found on an assembly line. If you need a customised solution then speak to our highly skilled team, they have the design and manufacture capability to bring your ideas to life. 

Save time and money – With the in-house capability to design, manufacture and deliver your custom sheet metal, you’ll save time and money on our custom sheet metal fabrication solutions. Instead of dealing with multiple suppliers, work with us. We’ll be there from start to finish, ensure the quality of our product and to offer fast manufacture and delivery.

Increased lifespan – One of the top benefits of custom sheet metal solutions is that they often require less regular replacement. This is because they have been designed for your specific application, ensuring that it is capable of withstanding stresses like temperature, chemicals or other forces for much longer. 

For a free no obligation discussion about your custom cut sheet metal requirements please contact us today!

For a no obligation discussion about your requirements please contact us today!