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CMI is one of Western Australia’s leading metal roofing suppliers and a proud manufacturer of some of the finest metal roofing materials available using only Australian Made Colourbond Steel, including the patented COLORBOND® roof sheeting system. We can supply and manufacture materials for both residential and commercial projects. 

COLORBOND® is a popular Australian steel roofing material that is long lasting and resistant to Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Since its inception 50 years ago, COLORBOND® has worked hard to stay ahead of the game when it comes to their roofing material technology. It has fast become Australia’s first choice for roofing thanks to its stylish but sturdy look and lightweight material.

 Is COLORBOND® roofing better than tiles?


There are many advantages to using COLORBOND® roofing over tiles. It is more affordable, lightweight and easier to maintain but ultimately it all comes down to your preferred look and style.


Tiled roofing is a lot heavier than metal sheet roofing so that means you will need extra structure support on your beams to manage the extra weight of the tiles. As COLORBOND® is almost up to 90% lighter than tiled roofing, this makes it faster and easier to install. 


If you look at material costs alone, you may find that traditional tiles are cheaper however they require more labour and structural support on your roof which will bring up your initial costs. COLORBOND® roofs are a more affordable option for larger sections of roofing and are a great option for whole roof replacements. 


COLORBOND® roofing is remarkably resilient which makes it a relatively low maintenance roofing option. Regular cleaning and upkeep will ensure your roof performs better for longer. Unlike concrete tiles, COLORBOND® roofing is very resistant to cracks and blemishes so even if you need work done on your roof, you are less likely to get damage from the workmen.  

What metal is used for roofing?



Steel is the most popular metal used for roofing and that is down to how inexpensive it is. The price as well as its availability make it one of the most popular materials for Australian roofs. Steel is recyclable making it a very durable material suitable for battling it out against all seasons.

Are COLORBOND® roofs hotter?

The material in COLORBOND® have great thermal properties and are fire resistant, which means that in both summer and winter it’ll insulate your home from extreme temperatures. 

How long should a COLORBOND® roof last?

COLORBOND® roofing is designed to last and we will provide you with a warranty of up to 36 years! You may find that the colour of your roof may change or fade after the first 10 years or so and this is mostly due to the exposure to UV rays and general weathering. It is fairly inexpensive to get a recoat if you find that your roof has lost its polished look.

What is the best COLORBOND® roof colour?

The COLORBOND® range has over 22 colours to choose from and over half of these feature Thermatech solar technology.

You want to ensure that the colour you choose for your roof compliments the overall look and colour theme of your property. The exterior of your property is a strong selling point so ensuring you have a sleek and visibly appealing roof is important. 

Another thing to consider is the climate that you live in. If you are living in a hot location you should consider a lighter roof for maximum thermal efficiency.

Does COLORBOND® reflect heat?

COLORBOND® uses solar reflecting technology to reflect the sun which will keep your air-conditioning bills down and take the heat out of your roof quicker.

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