CMI BCA Compliant Quarter Round Gutters

The CMI Quarter Round Slotted Gutter system is the most stylish and robust quarter round available on the market. Designed and manufactured by our engineering team in Perth, our system ensures both good looks and BCA compliance. Your project deserves the best looking gutter available. Why compromise on the style and quality of your build?

The requirements detailed the NCC 2016 Building Code of Australia Vol II are in full effect as of 1st May 2017. These requirements apply to all construction activities undertaken under Building License Applications made to permit authorities on or after May 1st 2017.

CMI offers builders a quarter round gutter solution in both a slotted style and  an overflow style.  Both our slotted and overflow style quarter round gutters comply with the requirements set out in table Acceptable Overflow Measures in the National Construction Code of Australia Volume 2. (subject to correct stormwater drainage system  design and installation as per this code)


  • Available in 0.4mm and 0.55mm Galvanised, COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME®
  • Mitre corners – internal and external
  • Stop ends – left and right
  • Timber or Metal fix clips/straps
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Quarter Round Gutter Slotted

Our new slotted Quarter Round gutter is an ideal option for builders who prefer the more architectural look provided by the  Quarter Round style of guttering.  The slot sits very neatly along front face of the gutter without interfering with the smooth profile which makes the CMI Quarter Round so appealing.

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Low Front Quarter Round Gutter

For builders and designers that prefer a guttering of quarter round style, without slotting, CMI has developed the Quarter Round Low Front Gutter. This guttering is designed with a front face that sits slightly lower than the back of the guttering, allowing water to flow over the front face of the guttering.

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For more information on BCA Compliance, refer to our technical bulletin here.

CMI is still able to manufacture the old style Quarter Round Gutters.  It is important to note that these gutters are not compliant with NCC 2016 Building Code of Australia, however can be manufactured for clients who wish to match into old styles of pre-existing guttering.

CMI Old Style quarter round gutters

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CMI Old Style quarter round gutters

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Quarter Round Gutter