Steel framing is fast becoming one of the most popular and preferred systems for house building in Australia. Apart from the obvious savings in both time and money, steel is also a highly durable material. One of the main advantages of using this method of construction is that steel framed houses do not need deep excavations for footings. Instead, they are usually erected upon a single concrete slab.

Steel framing is light and can be cut into any length as required. The speed and ease with which it can be assembled into frameworks is also a big cost saving factor where it is used for house building purposes. Complex elevations and shapes are far more easily attained using steel and it lends itself perfectly to metal cladding. Insulation space is also an incidental by-product of this type of building system, as it is a usable internal mounting for the interior finish such as plasterboard.

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  • Manufactured using TRUECORE® steel
  • Structurally certified and durable
  • Termite-proof and doesn’t require any additional chemical treatments
  • High speed, light weight installation process
  • Cyclonic & Non-Cyclonic Designs
  • Reduces the need for wet trades
  • Fully Recyclable Products
  • Bespoke bracketry manufacturing available
  • Obligation free quote for your next build
  • CMI can assist you in finding experienced tradespeople or can walk builders through the process
  • Custom made to suit your requirements


CMIWA steel frame planning


Not only will CMI manufacture and supply the steel for your new home, but all our steel frames come fully designed and engineered for optimum strength, precision and ready for a brisk and trouble-free build.

Steel Framing Western Australia


CMI steel frames are fully manufactured in our Landsdale manufacturing facility and delivered to your site. Frames come ready marked and coded so your trades’ job will be efficient and produce a result that’s precise and rigid.

Steel Framing Western Australia


As our steel frames come fully ready for easy installation by your trades, you’ll know that the result will thrill you. Or, if you prefer, CMI has fully trained trades who know our product well and can install it for you. As our manufacture includes marking and coding, your build wil be finished in optimum time and with an outstanding result.



May 31, 2017


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