Why Steel Framing

Steel framing is fast becoming one of the most popular and preferred systems for house building in Australia. Steel Frame Homes are strong, straight and completely termite and borer proof. Discover why Steel Framing is the future.

Termite and Borer proof

Frames made from TRUECORE® steel are 100% termite and borer proof and aren’t treated with insecticides.

Always Straight

TRUECORE® steel frames are prefabricated and dimensionally accurate, resulting in strong lines and a beautiful finish.

Won’t Catch Fire

A house frame with TRUECORE® steel won’t catch fire and may help you achieve the standards required for building in high risk zones.

High speed and light weight installation process

Structurally certified and durable

Fully Recyclable Products

Cyclonic & Non-Cyclonic Designs

Reduces the need for wet trades

Bespoke bracketry manufacturing available




Not only will CMI manufacture and supply the steel for your new home, but all our steel frames come fully designed and engineered for optimum strength, precision and ready for a brisk and trouble-free build.



CMI steel frames are fully manufactured in our Landsdale manufacturing facility and delivered to your site. Frames come ready marked and coded so your trades’ job will be efficient and produce a result that’s precise and rigid.



As our steel frames come fully ready for easy installation by your trades, you’ll know that the result will thrill you. Or, if you prefer, CMI has fully trained trades who know our product well and can install it for you. As our manufacture includes marking and coding, your build wil be finished in optimum time and with an outstanding result.

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We will help you build your next home with the strength of TRUECORE® steel

CMI manufacture and supply Steel Framing right here in Landsdale, from high-strength, BlueScope TRUECORE® steel. We also have an experienced design team ensuring your steel frames come fully designed and engineered for optimum strength, precision and ready for a brisk and trouble-free build.


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