Combined Metal Industries are Perth & Western Australia’s leading supplier of metal roofing materials. Our range of metal roofing and walling products are manufactured using the finest materials, including the patented COLORBOND® system. We offer a complete range of roof profiles, cladding, colours, styles and finishes to suit virtually every application. Our products are suitable for both domestic and industrial metal roofing purposes and they are manufactured to all of the relevant Australian standards. Combined Metal Industries is the market leader in steel roof and fencing products in Perth WA, and we have the capacity to deal with orders of any size. For metal roofing supplies in Perth contact one of our offices today to find how we can cater to all your needs.

Our in-house quality control systems and low overheads, means we can supply superior quality roof sheeting and panels at competitive prices. Whether you need roofing for a large commercial project, a domestic roof, a carport or patio roofing, we will have you covered. Ask for pricing now! We deliver to all Perth Suburbs and Western Australia wide.


  • Available in ZINCALUME® & COLORBOND® Steel
  • COLORBOND® Ultra is also available for Marine environments
  • CMI Corrugated sheeting has been tested & approved for use in Cylconic regions.
  • Suitable for roofing & walling applications
  • Ask about our Roof Take Off service or request a no obligation quote for your project.
  • Sheets are custom made to minimise waste/cost & assist with ease of installation. Allow two working days for manufacture.


COLORBOND roofing and Walling colours CMIWA


comclad steel sheet


Suitable for roof pitch > 2°

comclad roofing profile
comclad roofing technical data

This table relates to Perth Metro area. View more technical data on our Comclad page

corrugated steel sheet


Suitable for roof pitch > 5°

corrugated profile
Corrugated table

This table relates to Perth Metro area. View more technical data on our Corrugated page

Roofing accessories:

Roofing and Walling Accessories Screws


CMI stocks a range of screws for all applications, and available in all the colorbond colours to match your roofing, walling, or fencing application.

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Metal Roofing Insulation CMIWA


Building Blanket is a lightweight insulation product designed for general thermal insulation applications in buildings.

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Translucent Metal Sheeting Roofing Patios Western Australia CMIWAtranslucent-sheeting


We offer a wide range of translucent sheeting options that provide the benefit of natural sunlight whilst maintaining adequate shelter from the elements.

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Patio Gutter Profile CMIWA


Steel Flashing CMIWA


Round Steel Downpipe CMIWA



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